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i'móótim vantressó live on campus.... a stabbing this past saturday has students wondering how safe the campus really is? ....i'll have a live report soup kitchens ae preparing for the busy week ahead... we'll tell you how. and super seniors won't have to dig deeper into their pockets next semester...but is it enough? update news starts now.
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hello and welcome to update news... im amanda del castillo and i'm bentli bejan... thanks for joining us. update news has learned that over half of the emergency telephones .... with a direct connection to police are out of order. and at this point no one in charge of this vital network of blue light poles can tell us when they'll be fixed. tim vantress is following the story ... he's on campus for more, tim? these blue lights have been around for over a decade, providing instant contact with the police in case something goes wrong. but now ... about one out of every two of these lifelines are not working. "this is just one of the 12 blue light phones on campus ... that are not working. u-p-d works with campus staff to monitor the 23 blue lights to keep them up and running. but media relations director pat lopes harris says the poles are aging and they take beating from wet
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weather. "over time, there is definitely wear and tear, there is definitely changes in technology. our campus has tried very hard to keep these phones in working order." the importance of keeping the blue lights working was evident last saturday morning, when two of them were activated at 12:35 am. devon thames, a reporter for the spartan daily, was listening to her police scanner when she heard ten university officers dispatched near the event center. "by the time i got here, the ambulance was showing up, and i heard over the radio that they guy was being taken to regional medical center." a 22-year old man was stabbed near the corner of third and san antonio streets he made it back to campus, leaving a trail of blood, and was picked up by paramedics between the event center and sweeney hall. although this phone at sweeny hall did it's job ... there's another point of concern .... that is u-p-d did not send an alert s-j-s-u notification to the student body. "the incident appears to have happened far enough away that there was not a concern that there was an immediate threat to university students here on campus." the alert s-j-s-u system
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sends emergency text messages and e-mails to students who are registered for the service. thames says had not been listening to her scanner, she would have liked to have known about the incident ... she's also concerned about so many broken phones. "to have blue lights that work on every location is crucial, because it's much easier to push a button than take out your cellphone and call 911."" pat harris says staff are trying to keep as many of these lights open as possible . . . it's just that the technology needs to be updated. and there is already a plan in the works. the police are planning not just to update the blue lights, but add a public address system as well. live on campus, tim vantress, update news. the csu board of trustees met earlier this week to discuss possible fee increases for students. elliot alaguzian is on set. elliot... tensions ran high in long beach gorverner jerry brown had to intervene.
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"students in long beach angrily protested before the csu board of trustees this week. however governer jerry brown ordered the board of trustees to halt fee increases. that pleases students here at san jose state." "i'm really glad, it's really difficult for students to pay for tuition as it is. and without prop 30 it would've made it a lot harder." other students are struggling to pay their tuition through loans and financial aid." "now i have like the cal grant and the pel grant to help out and then i just have a bunch of loans and that's basically what it's going to be for me, it's just a bunch if loans because i don't have enough money to pay for college up front." freshman ryan poyet says he can't imagine what the situation would be like if he prop 30 hadn't pass." "it'd be a lot harder because the financial aid barely covered me for this year so i mean if it went up i would possibly have to pay off my own money and i barely have any money now." some students say the cuts and fee increases have made it harder to enroll in classes." "the first semester i tried to enroll, i didn't get the classes that i wanted, um
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yea it was really hard. but hopefully next semester i'll get better classes that i want." the 23 csu campus system has suffered more than 800 million dollars in state funding cuts over last four years. 71, 000 students would have been affected had the fee increase gone into effect." "they've been increasing it these last few years it's good now that they've stopped increasing."" officials are calling this a postponement and not necessarily a cancellation of future tuition increases. joining us now is director of sjsu media realtions pat lopes-harris welcome. the blue phones around campus are meant to keep students safe...but a lot of them aren't working. what's being done to fix the phones that aren't working?
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how long can expect this postponement of tuition increase to last?
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what are you telling the campus community: either why they aren't working, or what they should do in case of an emergency? what is the timeline to get the lights fixed? next thing we want to discuss is classes next semester. so what should students know when they are siging up for their
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classes? governer jerry brown mentioned online courses as a way to offer classes to students without increasing tuition. is san jose state planning to offer more online courses?
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what is the plan for next semester in terms of the sections that are being cut? what's being done to remedy the situation? what do graduating seniors do if their classes are cut next semester? some deparments are requiring a minimum of 20 students or else that class will be that university wide or just select deparments?
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thank you so much for joining us. this thanksgiving many families will gather and enjoy a nice feast as they enjoy eachothers company on the yearly holiday of thanks. but for many peole who dont have the means of enjoying a thanksgiving feast, they have other options open so they too, can enjoy a thanksgiving meal. "this is the time of year where people think about helping the needy. martha's kitchen in san jose, is a soup kitchen which provides free meals to the needy twice a week. the food is donated by the second harvest food bank. marthas kitchen says it serves close to 25 thousand people a month. martha's kitchen opened in 1981 and officials say the need grows every year. dennis leyva, who has been with martha's kitchen for 19 years has experienced the growth.
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"it started in a garage a few blocks away, and umm, ive been here 19 years now, ive seen it really grown from, more than, its double what it was, from where i started, were doing like 25,000 meals a year, when i started, and were doing close to that a month now." 2nd harvest foodbank, which provides food for santa clara and san mateo county is a non-profit organization formed in 1974. 2nd harvest is comitted to feeding everyone who is hungry. "2nd harvest food bank is currently feeding 250,000 people every month, and thats just in santa clara/san mateo counties. thats 10 percent of the entire population, its millions of pounds of food to make this possible, our goal for canned food is 2 million pounds this holiday season." during this holiday season, agencies are asking those who can help, to give more. martha's kitchen is one of such agencies trying to meet the need. " were trying to feed as many hungry people as we can."" donations for thanksgiving will be taken until the holiday begins. if you wish to donate food or volunteer your time to
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the 2nd harvest food bank you can call their donor hotline at 866-234-3663. coming up... the theater arts deparment is putting on a scandalous production about relationships and betrayal. and a former sjsu student finally got what she set out to accomplish over 50 years ago. but first we asked students what they are doing for thanksgiving? "for thanksgiving i'm planning to hang out with cousins and friends, probably eating a big turkey. thanksgiving i'm planning to go back home to san francisco, spend time with family, eat dinner with them, watch thanksgiving football and probably play football that day too. i'm planning to go to sacramento with my family and having a thanksgiving dinner and celebrating my birthday. i'm planning on going to my uncle's house and we're
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gonna have some nice turkey day. my grandparents are gonna be there, my cousin from sonoma state and all those different people are gonna be there, and we're just gonna have one day where we just sit down and eat a lot of food, so it'll be a good day. well i'm just gonna study because the finals come right after that. just trying to get all my things in and focus on studying for the final." aziah douglas is here with arts and entertianment. i hear there is an unlikely student who recieved their diploma this year? yeah you're right actually... a 93 year old woman has finally recieved a college degree from san jose state. but briana villalobos says it was 72 years in the making. "93 year olive chandler of santa clara gained nation wide attention last month when she finally received her college degree. but it wasnt untill 53 years after attending san jose state university that the diploma arrived in the mail. "i contacted the college in 1964 when my daughter was graduating and i thought that would be interesting to
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graduate with her just to get a degree." olive had 159 units but no degree. s she was in the process of trying to become a teacher when life took a turn. "i was really busy i had 3 kids when i went back the to state the first time and the 5 the second time." olive's youngest daughter reached out to s.j.s.u to see what could be done about her mother's situation " my daughter last may on my birthday got a bug, i had all the papers for the colleges that i had been working on this since my birthday on may 2nd when i was 93." olive chandler's diploma is dated back too august 20, 1959 with a major in home economics. "it was nice for every body to do what they did but at this point it is not life changing."
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olive chandler says she has always stressed the importance of education. in fact four of her five children have college degrees. two children attended san jose state. on campus briana villalobos" one car maker revved up its activity on campus this week. the finish line... introducing a new line-up of vehicles geared toward young buyers... (nat sound 5 seconds) the dwight bentel hall communications department hosted chevy's "think again" advertising campaign outside the event center. chevrolet wants students to think chevy before purchasing a car ... offering students a chance to sit inside vehicles from the newest line for 20-13. chevy is promoting discounts to current students and recent graduates. native americans from the (cheer-ree-ka-wa) chiricahua apache tribe came to sjsu to share traditions and give students their perspective on thanksgiving.
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vo(:06 nat sound) sj spirit--a student run organization on campus brought the tribe to share stories of their culture and traditions that at one time was illegal to tell. the tribe not only spoke of thanksgiving but their traditions altogether and letting students know that everything around them has a meaning. the sjsu theatre arts program staged a new play ... which delves into modern-day romance and relationships. one of the actors in the play calls it sex in the city ... with knitting. "people crowded into hal todd theatre thursday night to see the play loose knit. it's about four women who meet once a week to knit, but end up talking about more than just patterns. the play explores issues like gender bias, racial stereotypes and economic class in an unique way.
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actress and student yvette de vito's character is vulgar and sexual ... she thinks the racy story is one students will enjoy. "this play holds nothing back it's very raw and it's very in your face it's not censored it's not sugar coated." the play was written by theresa rebeck and directed by san jose state graduate erica schewhr. stage manager ashley soria worked closely with erica and says her goal is to bring something new to the students. "one of the things she really wanted to do was do a comedy because we don't do them very often." this comedy brings laughs ... and issues students can relate to on several levels. "it's about stuff that people go through ya know. blind dates, testing the waters and seeing how relationships work. and it's really about family relationships. there is a little something for everyone and it's extremely funny." and the audience didn't seem to disagree. these kinds of productions are something actor and
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student bryan moriarty thinks students should take advantage of. "to have cheap theatre with the quality of the performances that you're going to see is totally worth it. it's about as much money as it would cost to see a 3d movie and it is 3d."" there are two shows left for loose knit. tonight and saturday at 7pm. general admission tickets are 15 dollars and student tickets are 10. there's a place in the south bay where pirate lovers can live out their jack sparrow fantasies. our lexy nuno paid a visit to this unique pirate's lair. "watch out jack sparrow, there's a new pirate in town. his name is rich firato but many know him as...the pirate of morgan hill. firato is transforming his backyard into a pirate wonderland and has been doing so for twelve years. this small amusement park is complete with a mining shaft, cabana bar, capitans quarters, and yes...a pirate ship.
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(rich firato/pirate of morgan hill): "it's just fun to watch people get excited on something we built just out of passion and love, and that's all." the ship may not be sea worthy..but firato knew he wanted it the second he saw an ad posted on youtube by a british columbian man who built the vessel from scratch. (rich firato/pirate of morgan hill): "so when i saw this ship i immediately emailed him and told him that i was the pirate of morgan hill, i had this amusement park in my backyard, and i wanted that pirate ship." 600 people watched in awe when firato's pirate ship was finally placed in his side yard by crane. the ship has been the most elaborate piece to firato's pirate island, but he says he gets these other knick-knacks from gifts, garage sales, flee markets, and auctions.
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the janitorial company c.e.o says his passion has cost him about 130 man hours a month and -so far-a few-hundred thousand dollars, but he says it's not about the money. (rich firato/pirate of morgan hill): "i don't charge people to come through here, this is not an area to make money with morgan's cove. it's about giving back to the public and to the people." people would be surprised to find their voyage to this pirate paradise is not far. (rich firato/pirate of morgan hill): "if someone has the adventure and the guts to knock on my door, i'm going to give them a tour and show them what i've created" this week you will be able to find toy drive bin's in different areas of the san jose state campus. the bins will be out all month where students...faculty and staff can donate toys for children in need. ""the annual toy drive is a program that is put together by the university police department this is
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the 21st year of the entire program."" the athletics department is also contributing the proceeds of ticket sales for the upcoming saturday december the 8th womens and mens basketball games. toys will also be accepted at the the last football game of the season. donors are encouraged to bring a brand new unwrapped toy. that is all i got for arts and entertianment back to you guys thanks i loved it. up next the womens the volleyball team celebrates their seniors. the mens basketball team in the mits of a three game home stand...we'll show you how they faired against their first two opponents. but first we asked students if they have had any problems registering for classes? "i thankfully do not have to register for next semester because i graduate in december. i do not have to put up with any of the add codes or trying to go through that process.
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the main problem with my registering for classes has been the transfer credits not being acknowledged, and that has held me back. it hasn't allowed me to take some of the classes that i need to move on. i got the first registration date so i was able to get all my classes good. i haven't registered yet. i register on the sixteenth. but i know for this semester i wasn't able to get two of my classes that are pretty crucial for graduation. i was on the waitlist and i guess he just ran out of spots. so hopefully the situation is better for next semester. i find that a lot of times my enrollment date is always really late. and a lot of people are, you know, already enrolling and i'm not even until the twenty-second or something. so it's kind of... i haven't really, you know, gone through that yet, so we'll see." tyler huffman is here with sports...tyler what you got? we've got some sjsu hoops to cover but first lets find
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out how the womans vollebyall team did. it was senior night on thursday for the women's volleyball team which ended its regular season with a disappionting loss to the university of texans san antonio. the lady spartans honored three seniors ... katie turner, krista miller, and alex akana. akana had three kill shots and miller had 7. it was a particularly emotional night for akana who finished as one of the top ten blockers in spartan history. but for miller the emotion of senior night hadn't sunk in yet. ""it's a little daunting, you don't know what to expect until it's over. we still have another, hopefully two weeks to go so it hasn't quite hit yet but there some emotions going on towards the end of the game."" the lady spartans will be looking for payback next week in the wac volleyball tournament as they will have a rematch against university texas san antonio in the first round on monday. the spartans are also hoping to make the n-c-a-a tournament by the end of next week. the woman spartans basketball team is undefeated! the team improved to 3 and 0
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in the young season beating utah valley 81 to 72 thursday night. the spartans used tough defense and nine three pointers to control the game throughout. they keyed their defense on stopping utah valley's best player sammie jensen. the spartans were led by guard ta'rea cunnigan -- who scored a career high 25 points -- and center riana byrd who had a monster double-double by scoing 14 points and pulling down 17 rebounds in just her third collegiate game. "umm, it was alot of good help from my teammates, alot of good ball movement which led to alot of open shots, and alot of ouor defense, alot of ball pressure, steals, which led to alot of fastbreak." the spartans will look to continue their winning streak while on an three game road trip and then return for a five game homestand. the spartan men's basketball team played their first two home games of the season this week, and had mixed results... here's a look at how they did... "the houston cougars visited the event center to open the spartan's home schedule.
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d.j. brown started the game off with a bang. scoring early and often and setting up his teammates for early baskets in the opening minutes. but it was houston's tashawn thomas that answered sjsu's early run and muscled the cougar's to an 18 point halftime lead. coming out of halftime the spartan defense looked stronger, holding thomas to only two baskets in the second half. a late game push, highlighted by a james kinney 4 point play, gave the spartans a chance to steal the victory. but clutch free throws down the stretch allowed the to cougars to win the contest 77 to 75. spartan head coach george nessman still feels good about his team's progress. nessman "as disappointed as we are, its still an ok step for our group. this group is going to be a good team. we are really confident in that." sjsu point guard dj brown led all scorers with 24 points, but felt there is more he can do to help the team. brown "we just got to take better shots. and thats on
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me, i got to get people in places where they can score in the easiest places for them to do things with the ball. we'll do that next game and we will come out with a win." the wildcats from weber state rolled into the event center 48 hours later to challenge the spartans. the first half was all about san jose's leading scorer last season, senior guard james kinney. kinney was getting it done inside and out and scored 16 of san jose's 35 halftime points, helping to give san jose an 8 point lead at the break. but the wildcats would not go away quietly, much in part to the solid play of forward davion berry. the game was tied up with seconds remaining and dj brown had the ball but missed a tough shot to give san jose the victory.. in overtime the spartans did something that they hadn't done much of in their first two games... make free throws. and with solid interior defense from center alex brown the spartans managed to win by a score of 68-67. kinney led all scorerswith 24 points, and spoke about the importance of the team's success on the line. kinney "dj stepped up to the line a few times at the end and hit some big free throws. free throws are something we've been stressing a lot in practice and it paid off tonight."
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coach nessman is happy to get the season's first win out of the way. nessman "it was a good night for us, we needed a win. we had three games go down to the last play and have only won one of them, but its better than none.. thats for sure."" s-j-s-u's three game home stand will conclude tuesday against uc santa cruz...and the spartans are looking to salt the slugs before traveling to collegiate powerhouse kansas.. the spartan football team has two big games left to close a very successful season. saturday night they play at home against brigham young university in a nationally televised game on e-s-p-n 2. and next weekend -- the spartans are at home again against louisiana tech ... ranked number 20 nationally ... that game will also be on e-s-p-n 2. the spartans are having their best season in years with 8 wins and two losses. this makes them eligible for a bowl game. and how they do over the next two games could very well determine if they do indeed go to a bowl game ... and whether the team has a real shot at winning the wac championship.
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that is all for sports, back to you guys. thanks tyler. that'll do it for now. thanks for watching be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' see ya next time.
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